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Current Sermons by Bishop Guice.

6/14/2020 "What's Next? "

6/07/2020 "Where is your Anchor? "

5/31/2020 "Broken but Covered"

5/24/2020 "Spiritual Birth then Spiritual Growth"

5/17/2020 "Stress won't get the best of Me"

5/09/2020 "How to Defeat Desparation"

5/03/2020 "Let your Faith Show"

4/26/2020 "Contagious Worship"

4/19/2020 "There is Hope for the Hopeless"

4/12/2020 "The Cross Is The Cure"

4/05/2020 "It's not about the crowd"

3/29/202 "This is a SPIRITUAL War"

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